Koza Cave Hotel offers 10 originally carved cave rooms and suites in a symbiotic design union with travertine tiles, hand-turned wood tables, local antiques and soft furnishings – Koza welcomes you to enjoy the uniqueness of this amazing region while relaxing in the comfort of our charming cave rooms.

Our rooms were made from the existing ancient cave dwellings – over the centuries these caves were used and built upon by local inhabitants. We designed our cave hotel to meet the needs of the modern traveler, adding personal touches throughout each room and using the original design to enhance what was in the past with what is needed today.

The furniture in each room was handmade to fit the carved spaces and we up-cycled many old items into a useful new life: the metamorphosis of the cocoon…worn wooden columns have begun new lives as tables and lamps, old metalwork developed into beautiful room fixtures – each item created to enhance the aesthetics of the existing room.

Our cave rooms are comfortable year-round. Due to the insulating nature of the cave walls, our rooms stay cool in summer and central heating is provided for those traveling in winter months.